"Whatever It Takes" out now.


Half Empty Glass

Directed and edited by Ãnanda Safo.

Dead End

Directed and edited by Ãnanda Safo.

Love is Home

Directed and edited by Ãnanda Safo.

People to Take Care Of

Live session by Voyons VOIR.

'Whatever It Takes' Recording Session

Documentary by Sofian Hamadaïne-Guest


Quentin Sauvé is a singer-songwriter from Laval, France. Sauvé is the bass player of hardcore-punk band Birds In Row. On his debut solo album "Whatever It Takes" he steps out of the shadows to show the world he is an incredible talent in his own right.

With Sauvé's moving vocals paired with an effected guitar, opener "Dead End" gently introduces us to his internal struggles with reclusion. This is where the immersion into his creative juxtaposition begins. Songs "Half Empty Glass", "People To Take Care Of", and "Love Is Home" whimsically explore personal introspection as layers of melody delicately swirl. In "Ghosts", "Selfless", "Bad New Bearers", and "Riddled" (complete with Flugelhorn) the sadness is hidden in plain sight, radiating beneath minimalist performances. Lastly in closer "Disappear" guitars gently shimmer and build as he tells an emotional tale of sibling dynamics. Altogether "Whatever It Takes" is a breathtaking listen that exceeds all expectations. Proving that less can in fact be so much more.

Photo by Florian Renault

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Yesterday I said farewell to a place very close to my heart, a little piece of heaven. It's been in my family for like 50 years... I recorded the first...

May 28th 2020

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This month last year I was spending most hours of everyday in a van with @birdsinrow and @listenerfamilyband , watching landscapes from behind the windows, thinking a lot, writing words...

May 15th 2020

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Made a new playlist for @deathwishinc with some songs that inspired the composition of 'Whatever It Takes' and some inspiring me right now! It's on Spotify - link in bio...

May 6th 2020

France / Italy / Switzerland... This tour with @milesoliverpoetry was supposed to start today 😩 Next time hopefully!...

May 1st 2020

In case you missed it, one month ago I released this live session for "Riddled", featuring good friends of mine! Also I uploaded all official videos on my IGTV channel,...

Apr 27th 2020

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One year ago we did a tour in Europe with @flo_chmod and we wanted to play a cover of @thenational together but never took the time to work it out...

Apr 17th 2020

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Join me tomorrow on the @deathwishinc account for the most electric and loud live set ever! I was born ready for this. At 3pm EST (2pm CT, 12pm PT, 8pm...

Apr 15th 2020

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Hope you're not tired of live streams yet! Doing one for @deathwishinc on their IG next Thursday at 3pm EST! I will (try to) do this one in English so...

Apr 13th 2020

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FR (English below) : Super content de participer au @festivaljerestealamaison qui démarre aujourd'hui ! Ptit set encore plus dépouillé que d'habitude en live sur Facebook ! Je communiquerai mon heure...

Apr 1st 2020

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This was shot during summer 2018, I'm glad to finally share it with you! Here is 'Riddled' live in my hometown garden featuring dear friends of mine. A song about...

Mar 30th 2020

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